Change your location

This shortcut is your ultra-simple way to change your apparent online location. Simply choose the country from the list and ClearVPN will connect you to the best idle server in this particular country — you'll be able to browse local content like you're there.

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How secure it is

Encrypted private connection

Your data is safe with our AES-256 encryption and cutting-edge protocols: ClearVPN uses its own protocol, as well as OpenVPN and IKEv2. Your connection remains private.

Strict no-log policy

We keep no logs of your online interactions. We don't store or share your private data with 3d parties. Google won't know, your ISP won't know. Even your pet won't know.

Choose the country, which online content you'd like to access.
Tap to activate the shortcut, wait till the session starts.
You're now somewhere else! Enjoy your stay!

What you get

Access to local content

Browse content as if you're in another country without traveling there.

Best servers available

We automatically connect you to the best idle servers in the region.

Fast connection

DynamicFlow technology optimizes your connection for high speed.

List of countries you can choose from

After you activate the shortcut

Here’s a set of action buttons to help you use the shortcut efficiently. Just pick the one that fits your needs or goals, tap and enjoy.

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What ClearVPN gives you

Up to 6 devices per one subscription

Install on macOS, iOS, Windows, or Android

Your clear way to any online content

Get more titles on Netflix and access all streaming services

Personalized shortcuts for all your needs

Be location-independent and change IP to desired country

AES-256 protocol for your private data

Protect yourself with the world’s best encryption