How to Watch HBO Max Outside the US

If you’re hoping to watch HBO Max, you might be out of luck. Unless you’re in the US, loading HBO Max’s homepage will return a discouraging message that states “HBO Max is not available in your region.”

HBO Max is intended for the US audience, which means if you’re outside of the US, you can’t be a subscriber. So how to watch HBO Max outside the US? However, there’s a neat trick that will get you watching some of the most exciting shows on HBO Max even if you’re in Korea or Japan.  

What’s on HBO Max?

HBO Max is one of the biggest streaming platforms right now. Based on annual reports, HBO and HBO Max gained more than 95 million subscribers for 2022 worldwide. That makes HBO third the biggest streaming service in the world.

So, what to watch on HBO? For a start, you’ll have access to the full series of Friends. HBO Max is also has a special airing of the Friends Reunion, where the original cast gets together in an unscripted gathering.

Other notable sitcoms that will be available on HBO Max are titles are The Big Bang TheoryRick and Morty, and Game of Thrones including the newest House of Dragons. If you’re a fan of these highly-rated series, you will want to sign up for HBO Max.HBO max streaming

Like other streaming competitors, HBO max also has original content. The service added about 38 HBO Max’s original titles in 2022 alone. Fans of Batman will enjoy DC Superhero Night, where they’ll be treated to how the Dark Knight is coping with life at high school. 

This January 2023 HBO presented on the most anticipated TV show based on the video game The Last of Us. “The Last Of Us” premiere scored HBO’s second largest debut for over the decade.

Fans of horror best-selling author Stephen King can catch Overlook on HBO Max. It’s an original piece that brings characters from The Shining to life in a fictional narration of haunted hotels. Don’t miss anything, discover more hot premieres on HBO.

How to Watch HBO Max 

As HBO Max is only intended for those who are in the US, it has a geo-restriction measure that blocks users with non-US IP addresses. If you’re not in the US and try to access HBO Max, you’ll end up with a screen like this.

Therefore, you’ll need to mask your device’s IP with one from the US to sign up for HBO Max.

A VPN is the perfect tool that allows you to take on a US-based IP and gain access to HBO Max’s site. As long as you’re connected to a VPN server in the US, HBO Max will identify the connection as local and grant you access to its library. 

As simple as it is, we ought to remind you that not all VPNs will grant you the best streaming experience. It depends on the performance of the VPN servers that you’re connected to. If you’re in Asia or Australia, speed is crucial when streaming from HBO Max’s server in the US.

Therefore, only VPN providers with fast streaming speed are worth your money. We’re sticking to tried-and-proven choices when it comes to streaming high-resolution TV shows. We recommend to use ClearVPN, for it’s high speed and stable connection.

So here is how to access HBO Max when you’re not in the US: 

  1. Sign up for a ClearVPN.
  2. Install the ClearVPN app on your device.
  3. Launch the ClearVPN app and sign in with your credentials.
  4. Open the app and click on the locations tab at the bottom of the clearvpn main screen mac
  5. Choose the Streaming Services tab. how to get into streaming services
  6. Find and click on HBO hbo max new clearvpn
  7. Go to
  8. You can now sign up for HBO Max. 
  9. And, that’s all, now are you able to watch HBO Max!

Problems accessing HBO Max with a VPN

There may be times when you’ll encounter problems unblocking and streaming content even if you’re using an HBO Max VPN. If you’re having trouble connecting to a specific server, you may be using an ineffective VPN or have an unstable connection.

Another possibility is that you might be experiencing a cache error. If you’re trying to figure out how to watch HBO Max in Korea and everything was working well at some point, then this is the most likely cause. To fix it, try clearing your cache or pick a different US-based server.

If nothing else works, contact the customer support team of your chosen VPN provider (usually live chat).

You don’t have to feel sorry about missing the TV shows on HBO Max. Even if you’re not in the US, ClearVPN installed will allow you to stream the much-awaited content. Also, if you want to see more shows and movies, check our post about how to watch Amazon Prime outside US.

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