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Get ClearVPN for all your devices

Get ClearVPN for all your devices

Enjoy a hassle-free cross-platform VPN experience with ClearVPN on your iPhone, Mac, PC, Android, tablet, teapot. Ensure your online privacy, access content, secure your browsing and more with one tap!

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Connect up to 6 devices per account.

ClearVPN for iOS

Works on iOS 14.0 and higher

ClearVPN for Windows

Works on Windows 10 Update 1809 and higher

ClearVPN for Android

Works on Android 6.0 and higher

Focused on your privacy

We’ve created an app that adds value to your internet experience without compromising your security and privacy. Read more about our Privacy Policy.

Strict no-logs policy

We don’t store, share, or even collect your online activity, personal info, IP address, etc. We don’t have your data — we don’t need it.

Top-tier encryption

The industry-standard encryption we have on board means your connection is always secure and private on your online journeys.