How to Save Your Money with VPN

In this digital age, it’s more important than ever to protect your online privacy. Hackers are everywhere, and they’re always looking for new ways to steal your information. One way to keep yourself safe is by using a VPN. A VPN (a virtual private network) encrypts your data and keeps it secure, even when using public Wifi. Not only that, but you can also save money with VPN.

In this article, we will discuss how using a VPN can help you to buy things cheaper.

How to buy things cheaper with VPN

There a lot of ways to buy things cheaper by using VPN. In this post we will show you the most prominent ways on how you can use a VPN. So let’s talk about how using VPN helps you to save your money.

How to use VPN to get cheaper flights

If you’re looking to save money on flights, using a VPN is a great option. Let’s try to check how it works using Skyscanner website, where you can search and compare prices on different flights.  

For example, if you’re searching for flights from Warsaw, Poland to London, UK, you’ll see different prices depending on where you are searching. This is because airlines charge different prices for flights departing from different countries. However, you can use a VPN to get around this.

Let’s give it a try! I’m going to try to search for flight tickets from Warsaw to London, from March 15 to March 22. I’ll do the first search from the Hague, Netherlands, and the second from Kyiv, Ukraine, using ClearVPN. Here are the results: flight tickets comparison

As you can see, the difference is more than obvious: from the Netherlands, the price of the flight costs $86, and if you change the location to Ukraine – the price will be $69, a difference of $17. You might say that this is not a significant difference, why bother. But it’s a pretty cheap ticket, but if we’re talking about more expensive tickets, the difference can be much bigger. The difference of $17 may not be significant, but it’s 2 cups of coffee in Starbucks that you can take at the airport while waiting for your flight.

So, next time you will be searching for tickets, just simply connect to a server in a different country and compare the pricing. And yes, the same trick you can do with hotel bookings. This is a great way to save money on flights, hotels, and other travel expenses, like car rentals. Also, check our new post about why it is important to use VPN for traveling abroad.

How to save money on subscriptions with VPN

Another way to save money with VPN is by using it to get around subscription fees. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify charge different prices in different countries.

For example, a premium Netflix subscription costs roughly $26.66 in Switzerland, while Netflix users in Pakistan only pay $5.96 per month (as of this writing). The same is with the Spotify Premium plan, in the US you need to pay $9.99 monthly, but in Turkey just $1.13 per month. Do you want to know how to get Spotify Premium cheaper, we covered this in this post.

That’s a huge difference! And it’s all because these companies charge different prices based on where you’re accessing their service from. Fortunately, you can use a VPN to get around this and access Netflix (or any other subscription service) for the same price as someone in another country.

buy subscriptions cheaper with VPN

To do this, simply connect to a server in the country where you want to access the service, and you’ll be able to subscribe at the local price. This is an easy way to save money on your subscription fees, and it can be used for any service — not just Netflix.

Use a VPN to save on online shopping

Last but not least, you can also use a VPN to save money by online shopping with VPN. This is because some retailers offer different prices to users in different countries.

For example, you might see a pair of shoes on Amazon that costs $100. But if you connect to a server in Japan and search for the same product, you might find that it’s significantly cheaper. This is a great way to save money on online purchases, and it’s something that anyone can do with a VPN.

save on online shopping with vpn

So there you have it! These are just a few of the ways that you can save money with VPN. Whether you’re looking to save on flights, subscriptions, or online shopping, using a VPN is a great way to do it.

Save money by using VPN in three easy steps

Now that you know how a VPN can help you save money, let’s look at how you can get started.

The first step is to sign up for a VPN service. There are many different VPN providers, so make sure to do your research and choose one that’s right for you.

A good VPN must be fast and secure, have an extensive network of servers, and offer competitive pricing. Once you’ve found a VPN provider that meets these criteria, sign up for their service.

For this example, we’ll be referencing ClearVPN:

  1. The first step is to go to the ClearVPN website and register an account. You’ll need to provide your email address, create a password, and choose your subscription plan.
  2. Once you’ve registered an account, you can download the ClearVPN app for your device.
  3. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, launch it and sign in with your account credentials. Once you’re signed in, you can then connect to a server located in a country or region that gives you better prices for whatever you’re trying to purchase.clearvpn2 updated app design


Are there any dangers to using a VPN?

Yes, there are some potential dangers to using a VPN. Specifically, if you use a free VPN service, your data could be sold to third parties or the VPN provider could monitor your browsing.

Some unscrupulous individuals have been known to set up fake VPNs to steal people’s personal information. However, as long as you do your research and choose a reputable VPN provider, like ClearVPN, you should be safe from these kinds of dangers.

How do I know if a VPN is right for me?

There’s no simple answer to this question — it depends on several factors, including what you need a VPN for, what kind of device you’re using, and which VPN service you choose.

However, if you’re concerned about privacy or security online, a VPN is definitely a good idea. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding whether a VPN is right for you.

What are your thoughts on free VPNs?

If you’re looking for a free VPN, you’re in for a tough time. There are a lot of free VPNs out there, but most of them are 500 file size limits or 10 GB bandwidth limits. So if you need a full-fledged VPN with no data limits, you will have to pay for it. However, there are some decent free VPNs out there that can give you some basic protection.

TunnelBear and ProtonVPN are two examples of free providers that offer limited but solid service. Of course, if you’re really concerned about online privacy, you should spend the money on a premium VPN service like ClearVPN.

A VPN is a great way to keep your data safe and secure while online, but it can also be a cost-effective solution for saving money, so get started saving cash today!

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