Give 20% to friends & get rewards from ClearVPN

Invite friends to ClearVPN. They’ll receive a solid discount. You’ll get up to 90% off or 75 days of free Premium. That’s even better than a win-win!

Invite friends
Note: you can invite people only to apps for Windows and Mac (not from Mac App Store), or to sign up in browser

It works like this


You send your invite link to friends


They sign up for Premium with 20% off


You get a discount (if you’re a free user) or free Premium days (if you have Premium)

Here’s what people say about ClearVPN:

trustpilot5 starts out of 5

Good work!

With the help of this application I managed to open one site that it necessary for me. Thank you!

trustpilot5 starts out of 5

This is simply the best VPN service

This is simply the best VPN service! Everything you need is here.

Vadim Perko
trustpilot5 starts out of 5

Looks good, works good.

One of the cleanest VPN apps over there. Looks nice and, what's the most important, works excellent.

Serhii Pryimachuk
trustpilot5 starts out of 5

Super fast and very nice looking

Use it on Mac OS. I previously used Nord VPN and switched to ClearVPN because of the fast speed in the first order. Thank you for supporting Ukraine.

Anton Bovt
trustpilot5 starts out of 5

Stable connection

Stable connection, good speed, a lot of servers.

Alexandr Malykh
appstore5 starts out of 5

Faster than other apps

Best speed. That is what exactly I am looking for.

Alexandr Malykh

Wait a sec. I have a question…

Give your friends a VPN discount they deserve

Get 90% off or 75 days of Free Premium after they sign up

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