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Best Sites to Use Instead of TorrentKim

Are you among the thousands of people reeling from the loss of a torrent site known as TorrentKim? If so, then you’d be happy to know that there are various alternatives online that are just as good (if not better), so keep reading.

What is TorrentKim?

TorrentKim was a popular torrent site specializing in Korean films—dramas, variety shows, movies, etc. They were well known for hosting quality torrents of the Korean genre and even providing legitimate subtitles for popular titles.

Regrettably, TorrentKim is now defunct (as of the time of writing) and nothing more than a spammy ad site that redirects users to random sites. While there’s no information on when TorrentKim terminated their torrenting services and whether they’ll be back, one thing is for sure. They’ll be sorely missed by thousands of fans outside Korea, that have depended on them over the years.

The reality is that it’s not unusual for torrent sites to disappear all of a sudden. It happens all the time as they’re often hit by copyright lawsuits or banned altogether in regions with strict copyright laws. That said, there are plenty of other alternatives online that you can use for torrenting Korean films. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best torrent sites out there in 2020 that may have the content you need.

Best TorrentKim Alternatives

Before we get into some torrent website suggestions that you can use in place of TorrentKim, do note that we do not encourage the use of torrents to download and share copyrighted content. While the use of P2P technology is perfectly legal, sharing and downloading copyrighted content is not. Doing so can result in class-action cases and even lawsuits aimed at individuals to make an example of them. Hence, we encourage users to protect themselves by using a VPN service and keep the details of their torrenting activities anonymous.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s jump right into some TorrentKim alternatives that are still going strong in 2020:

Pirate Bay

pirate bay torrent site

If you’ve been torrenting for a while, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Pirate Bay. They are one of the oldest and largest torrent sites on the Internet. Despite numerous lawsuits and attempts to shut them down, they remain a viable source for torrent users around the world.

While not specific to the Korean genre, Pirate Bay does host numerous torrents for popular Korean movies (as you can see above). The torrent site also allows users to vote and comment on the quality of torrents, which helps determine which ones are legitimate.


dramafire torrent site

While their content is not as extensive as TorrentKim, DramaFire is an excellent alternative to the latter in terms of design and ease of use. They offer torrents for hundreds of Korean films, including Korean drama, comedy, TV shows, and more. We also found that many of the torrents include English subtitles, which is always a good thing for avid fans outside Korea.

Another great thing about DramaFire is that they update their content regularly. Torrents for many popular Korean TV shows are uploaded on the site shortly after release. This means that users need not wait for an entire season to end to start binge-watching their favourite Korean shows.

Like most torrent sites, DramaFire does serve ads to users to keep its servers going. That said, the ads are relatively minimal, and they’ve managed to maintain a clean interface that’s easy for torrent users to navigate and use.


tcafe torrent site

Tcafe is another good alternative to TorrentKim, and it’s one of the biggest torrent sites dedicated to the Korean genre. That said, users will need to sign up for an account, which can be a hassle. Tcafe also suffers from the usual problems associated with most torrent sites—a cluttered user interface, plenty of ads, spammy redirects, and non-Korean users will have to translate the site to English, which can be buggy at times. That said, registration is free, and most users would agree that their vast selection of torrents makes it worthwhile.

Best VPN to Use for Torrenting

Now that we’ve gone over some torrent site recommendations that you can use in place of TorrentKim, a word of caution — never engage in any torrenting activity without the protection of a VPN. As mentioned earlier, doing so can get you into trouble primarily if you reside in a country with stringent copyright laws. 

An excellent VPN service can help you hide traces of your torrenting activity from any third party and unlock content restrictions on the Internet (geo-blocking). You might find that you’re unable to access some of the torrent site recommendations mentioned above. In this case, you’ll need a VPN to unblock the torrent site and keep your torrenting activities anonymous.

Not sure which VPN service to use?

Well, we’ve got a recommendation that is well worth considering, particularly if you want to download torrents of Korean films anonymously:


With a daring name, this application offers a customized UX that goes a long way past a basic VPN interface — forget about the confusing country pickers. ClearVPN adapts to the urgent needs of users: whether you want to attempt to unblock US Netflix or have instant access to the newest TV shows and blockbuster movies available on Disney+ and HBO.

ClearVPN has an easy-to-understand interface and shortcuts that are regularly updated to help users access sites and services in a tap.


Indeed there are plenty of alternatives to TorrentKim that you can use to source torrents for your favorite Korean movies and TV shows. The ones mentioned in this list are but a few of the ones that we’ve verified are still active (at the time of writing). While there are risks to using P2P technology for downloading any content, all of them can be effectively mitigated through the use of a good VPN.

Disclaimer: We do not condone illegal file-sharing or copyright infringement. Even though P2P file-sharing technology is legal, many of the files exchanged via P2P are indeed copyrighted. Uploading these copyrighted files can put you at risk of a civil lawsuit. While these lawsuits are often class-action cases, some have been targeted at individual users in an attempt to make an example of them.

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